Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

Twas The Day Before Owlcon...

Well, for me it is. Can't wait to run my M&M game. I'm all nervous and stuff. ;-)

Reading: Lots of digital comics (legal, mind you). I'm working my way through Amazing Spider-Man and when I'm done, I will go back and read the X-Men.

Watching: I've had DS9 on while cooking and cleaning and when I wake up at 5:00 AM. I just got up to Worf's arrival. It's just so nice to see Worf again, like an old friend you haven't seen in a while. I just got season 1 and 2 of Justice League, so I'm gonna be all over that too, but I can't carry it around on the ipad like I can DS9 (via streaming netflix).

Gaming With Pixels: Nothing much. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3, tho.

Gaming with Dice: I'm eager to see what the new Marvel RPG will be like. There are some preview bits on the web page. I like the simplicity of what I've seen of the system (and its other relatives in Cortex+ - Leverage and Smallville). What I've found most interesting is that they're taking a very different approach to writeups of the Marvel cast. Instead of going the "this is the iconic build of Wolverine", they're saying "at this point in the Marvel timeline, Wolverine looks like this." So the build of Spider-Man in the core rules (which is Pete just when Bendis made him an Avenger) will be different than Spider-Man in the Civil War sourcebook that comes out a little bit later (what with the whole Iron Spider suit Stark made and blowing his secret ID to the world). And it's not a level up sort of thing. It's kind of a shame I really despised Civil War, since that's the first set of supplements.

But it does have me sort of wondering what sort of alternate universe game I could run, starting at the point of the great villain breakout in New Avengers 1, but a universe where a different team of heroes come together "to fight the foes no single superhero could withstand." Imagine if instead (he looks at the list of folks in the core rules and picks at random), we got something like Black Panther, Cyclops, Human Torch, Ms Marvel, Beast and Iron Fist. I always thought that Cyke would be an awesome Avenger.
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