Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

ME Three

Anyone else with the PC version find it to be occasionally buggy? I had it lock a follower behind a door that couldn't be opened in the first mission after the tutorial and set Shepard back to 1st level once.

TL,DR: So far, it's as good as my expectations could be.

Note: I've only done the tutorial, Mars and picking up the Turian Grand Poo-bah, or whatever they call him. Plz not to spoil.

* Ash is looking good, but REALLY, she's still got trust issues with Shepard? I assume Alenko would be too had he lived. And I totally thought for a moment that they were going to "Leaf in the Wind" in that final bit on Mars. Because this is the Big Blowout, and I figure anyone and everyone can die before it's over. (OTOH, in retrospect, since Ash could be the Love Interest, it would be way too early to fridge her.)

* In just 6 months, the gang goes from "let's clean up the Normandy now that we've kicked Collector Ass" to "where have you been all this time?" Geez, in 6 months, I can barely get unpacked. I kind of figured at least Garrus or Tali would have stuck around.

* I do not care for Vega, and they're trying WAY too hard to make me like him.

* Nice to see that the Council is 3 for 3 when it comes to blowing off Shepard.

* I was totally wondering how they were going to make an adventure out of "holy crap, it's raining Reapers." But a McGuffin Hunt works out well.

* Nice that I could go 3 for 3 in my Annoying Reporter punching contest.


* Joker will finally become a Robosexual.

* Anderson or Hackett will not make it out alive. (And I'd put a couple of bucks on neither.)

* The Illusive Man will get a big ol' punch in the snoot. And Cerberus will continue it's 2/infinity win/horrible catastrophic loss ratio. (The only things they ever did right were: bring back Shep and build the Normandy 2. Three if you could EDI and the Normandy-2 as separate things.)

* Based on the number of callbacks I've seen so far, it's going to be continuity-alicious.

* Asses will be kicked. Names will be taken.

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