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Beginings and Endings

So, I'm going to be a part of a play-by-skype M&M game, which means that my character ADD is in full swing. I initially pitched a teenage paragon type, like Clark Kent in Smallville or Connor Kent in Young Justice. But then the little ADD voice said "but what about...." and proceeded to drag out around 50 character concepts. Sigh.

And now some thoughts about the ending of Mass Effect 3

So while I'm not OUTRAGED with the possible endings, I do have some gripes. But a comment that Luke from the Podgecast made did make me reconsider a little. He pointed out that while your FINAL choice doesn't really depend on anything you've done before (assuming you jumped through enough hoops to GET all possible choices, which is in and of itself, a player choice), that the entire game is full of the consequences of the first two games. So while your decision about who lived or died on Virmire (in ME1) doesn't affect the FINAL choice, its ramifications play out through the game. Similarly, depending on who you save or fail to save, there's fallout during the 3rd game. So, I think some of the argument that your decisions leading up to entering the Crucible don't affect the final outcome is blunted, because the game shows you the consequences in game 3.

But here's the problems I've got, and I'm not really sure how it could be fixed in a patch unless the patch re-writes the ending.

#1 - No matter what you do, galactic civilization is completely screwed. Now, I'm willing to give Bioware the benefit of the doubt and assume that when the Crucible detonates all the Mass Relays in the galaxy, it doesn't completely destroy the entire solar system as it did in the Arrival DLC. A controlled detonation is different from smashing it with a rock. And a little handwavium could cover up the fact that the Sol system was left full of thousands and thousands of Turians and Quarians that will starve to death once their rations run out. But either way, without the Mass Relays, interstellar travel goes from days to months or years.

#2 - The Normandy trying to outrun the radiation wave, failing, and crashing on "Pretty Jungle World" where the crew (including folks who really had no way of getting back to the Normandy in time) climbs out to look around, well, it's just kind of, um, stoopid. I can see Joker desperately trying to outrun the energy wave if he knows it's going to kill EDI, but why does he need to run away from it, and why does it wreck the Normandy? And the final bit with Space Grandpa telling stories about "The Shepard" to his grandson mostly confirmed that while folks are alive, galactic society hasn't recovered. So, yeah, even in the "good" endings, galactic civilization tanked.

#3 - The Space Jesus Hologram Child didn't make any sense. "Organic life always creates synthetic life and they always go to war. So I made the ultimate synthetic life forms that come around and save organic life by wiping it out." Hubba-wha? And that's supposed to solve the problem? And personally, I don't understand how in the name of Arthur C Clarke a radiation wave can instantly make every organic and synthetic being a magic cyborg. And did it 'borg all the animals and life on planets that haven't reached space travel yet? Too many questions.

#4 - Frankly, I'm bummed that there wasn't a "Settle down with [LOVE_INTEREST_GOES_HERE] and live happily ever after," even if it was nigh-impossible to achieve. At the very least, in my head, Shep either left a bun in oven of his love interest, or Liara's "Final Gift" was actually her getting a little Shepard via bizarre Asari mind-link-sex.

Can't wait to see what the DLC does.

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