Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

MeNoWriMo :-(

Reading: Mostly the Dresden Files RPG books. I did finish "The Starter" (book 2 of the Galactic Football League series) and Summer Knight as audiobooks. The long drive is really eating into my reading time. When it's time for Jack to do his daily reading homework, I've been reading The Big Sleep, but only then.

Gaming With Dice: Missed last week. Should make it this week. I also heard the Greatest Idea for a Call of Cthulhu con-round EVAR. The PCs are all psychotics in a mental ward. Each player gets an MP3 player with a pre-recorded soundtrack of the voices in their head. So at certain points, the Keeper would tell a player to play Track 3 or whatever, and get an earful of the crazy.

Gaming With Pixels: Got Batman: Arkham City, though I'm not too far in it - largely because it was nigh impossible to get The Boy to let go of the controller.

Life: Had the flu. Missed the planned trip to the RenFest last weekend, which was disappointing. We should be up for this weekend, so long as I didn't infect anyone.

NaNo: We're in the middle of a major server room expansion at work, and a second enormous pile of work has landed on me, requiring even more time gone. I am going to try to write a little, but I won't get the 80K this year. I have all my character notes and some research done, so the world may yet see my "Monsters vs Cthulhu" novel. (Core idea - fighting Cthulhu-esque creatures will rip the sanity right out of a human being. But vampires and such lack whatever it is that looking at a shuggoth destroys in the human psyche.)
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