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Reading: After polishing off Revan, I started book one of the current Star Wars multi-book saga. I did like how Luke got called on how easily the Jedi forgive fallen Jedi who cast off the dark side. And on the face of it, "he's not guilty of blowing up a solar system because he was possessed by a thousand year old force ghost" is kind of a lame explanation, and has the added benefit of being something only other Jedi could sense. Frankly, I understand why the Jedi are resisting the changes the New Republic is forcing on them, but dang if there's not a good point there.

Gaming with Dice: Missed last week due to a stomach virus. More Adventure! tonight. I also went ahead and put a pitch for an "Ultimate Star Wars" game. It's another galaxy far far away, one with the cool Star Wars Stuff and all of continuity is tossed. Plus, it'd be running the Dawn of Defiance adventure path, so most of the heavy lifting's already done.

Gaming With Pixels: After completing all of the quests in Arkham City except the Riddler's, I accidentally deleted my save file. I'm replaying Arkham Asylum on regular difficulty instead of easy. I was also in the Star Wars MMO beta test this past weekend. My initial thought is that it would easily consume me. Gameplay was fun. Being a Jedi (or any of the classes, really) is loads of fun. And the storytelling (at least what I saw) is up to Bioware Standards.

TV: Finished X-Men Evolution while I was sick. And I recently discovered Burn Notice on streaming Netflix. Entertaining, but I wouldn't mind if they chopped the gratuitous girls in swimsuits out.
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