Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

Games Of Paper and Pixel

Games with Pixels: Bought the Legacy and Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age 2, and blazed through them, mostly ignoring sidequests. And I've just fired up DA:O again, getting around to the Human Noble origin and looking forward to the doomed Alistair/Cousland ship. (Ahh, the angst.) Totally wishing I had gotten SWTOR, but realizing the DOOOOOM that it would bring.

Games With Dice: Finished prep for my Owlcon round, and playtest is scheduled for after Christmas. Hopefully, the fights will be balanced, though I'm assuming that I'll have to re-work the Big Boss Battle at least a little. In other gaming news, I've come up with a character for the upcoming Champions game. I confess I had been leaning towards the Batman Inc concept, but when Greg pretty much predicted I'd change characters in mid-campaign, I took it as a challenge to make a character that I would not get bored with. Enter "Brightstars". On an alternate Earth, Lord Darkstar is an evil overlord who imprisoned a bunch of his enemies in a magic amulet, and then cast said amulet through the multiverse. The amulet coincidentally (???) was found by Lord Darkstar's alternate universe counterpart, who can use the amulet. It works more or less like the Omnitrix from Ben 10, except it's got imprisoned super-heroes in it, as well as some supervillainous rivals. Automatic path for ADD curing.

Games of Paper AND Pixel: Sometime in the upcoming year, I want to take another swing at some kind of online game, not sure exactly what format to use. (Google+ has gotten some good reviews for that sort of thing.) Probably supers, with Dresden being a strong second choice.
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