Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

I can see the holiday coming at me, kinda like a freight train

Edited to Clarify: I'm not dreading Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it. Sometimes I wish there was a "I'm trying to be funny here" tag so folks wouldn't fret.

This Christmas has been pretty unorganized. But it's something to work on for next year.

Reading: Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) & Star Wars: Omen. KC is a really cool setting I'm thinking of pitching as a PBP (probably not using FATE, but M&M, which is my supers system of choice - probably want to use Aspects tho). I think I described it on the blog as "steampunk super-heroes" or "if Alan Moore hadn't been on a public domain shopping spree when he made the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." My initial reservation to KC was that I was stuck on the whole "what do I do with this incredible setting" (same problem I had with Day After Ragnarok - I totally locked up after the first adventure). But then I realized not to think of it as a steampunk setting with supers, but to think of it as a supers setting with steampunk. And I can do supers. SW:Omen is okay, and the whole "Jedi suddenly going schitzo" plot better have a good explanation. I like that the book kind of addresses the "hey, we non-super-people are sick of you Force Users taking over the galaxy, and I don't care what color your lightsaber is" question that's a sore thumb in the setting. (The other one being robo-slavery.) Sadly, the loudest proponent of the anti-Force faction is an ex-Imperial villain. I'd have been much more pleased if the absolutely rational stuff about how being a Jedi isn't a license to lop arms off wasn't coming from an ex-Evil Overlord.

Watching: I have blown through Burn Notice on streaming netflix. Gosh, I love the show. It almost reminds me of the way Christopher Priest wrote the espionage parts of his comics. Sure, Michael and his merry band run rings around the "case of the week" villains, but when they're facing the Big Bads of the season, they have to be paranoid and think seven steps ahead. Now I have to find some other show to watch when

We also so Sherlock Holmes 2. While I am delighted with the films, I have to do it in a sort of "this is not the real Holmes" sort of mindset. I get that the bits they emphasize did happen in the books. (Holmes was a badass boxer. Holmes did use disguises all the time. Holmes was a little bit crazy.) But there's just way too much explodo and Holmes Fu. And I am terribly disappointed that the Jeremy Brett Holmes series isn't on streaming netflix anymore.

Gaming with Dice: More shootin' up in Cowboy Adventure land. Convinced the super-luchador that he was on the wrong side, and then showed the Tongs that their Poisoned River Kung Fu was no match for us. Got my character figured out for the upcoming Champions game. Now all I have to do is the math. Sigh. I just look at the Hero 6th rules and my brain just wants to take a nap. It should be okay in play (character creation is always the hardest part of Hero).

Gaming with Pixels: My uninspired play-through of DA:Origins continues. I will say, however, that the scenery in DAO is lightyears ahead of its sequel. Even the little towns like Lothering or Redcliff are just plain pretty to look at. I love the windmill in Redcliff. Still not looking forward to the Deep Roads (or the long slog in the Fade in the Mage's Tower). I'm changing things up to keep it a little more interesting. Going to keep Morrigan as the primary mage instead of swapping out for Wynne and Zevran instead of Leliana. I may go completely non-traditional and leave Alistair in camp and take Sten with me, even though Al is so much better.

And I have to say, it's REALLY hard to avoid the call of Star Wars: The Old Republic. My buds from my City of Heroes guild are having a ball. But I think it would completely eat my head.
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