Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

I don't wanna go to school today

First day back at work after a week off. Urg. So very tard.

Reading: Ages ago, I'd bought a CD collection of all of Amazing Spider-Man from Amazing Fantasy #15 up to 2004ish, but I'd only read a couple because it wasn't a fun experience. But now that I haz the iPad, I've been reading a few issues a day. Loads of fun. I also read Chris Hardwick's The Nerdist Way. It's quite good, really funny, and I'm going to try some of the tips in there.

Watching: Nothing much, though I did get seasons 2 & 3 of Batman:TAS on DVD for Christmas, and I plan on devouring those.

Gaming With Dice: Playtest tonight of my owlcon round. I'm also setting myself a goal of starting a PBeM early this year.

Creative: A pitch for a short project is on an editor's desk. Here's hoping.
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