Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

Back In The Comics Shop Again

For long and various reasons, I'm going back to buying a comics in floppy form, as well as trades. Most of what I get will be trades, but there are a few things we (the Jones clan) will be getting monthly.

For Rick:

Action Comics - While I'm probably one of the few folks on Earth who didn't like All-Star Superman, I do love the new take on Superman's early days.

Batman - Been on a Batman kick since Arkham City, and Batman looks to be the best of the new class of Bat-books. (Also the most kid-friendly. No face removals, for instance.)

Plus Possibly - Justice League and Defenders.

For The Boy:

Jurassic Park - Because what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs eating people? And the IDW series' main characters are grown up Lex and Timmy from the first movie.

Ghostbusters - Takes place after the two movies and the video game. A LOT better than I'd expected. The art is a little cartoony, but it feels like they made a Ghostbusters TV show with the main cast.

For My Beloved:

Scarlet Spider - (Well, I'd probably get this too.) Houston has its own Marvel Superhero who's not a bad cliche. (Rangers, I'm looking at y'all!) Kaine, a bad idea from the infamous Clone Saga, apparently got de-crazified in the last big Spider-Story, and is on a path to redemption. We got to meet Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman at a wingding at the Alamo Draft House. Sadly, there was no new news on Avengers:EMH, but we got the first issue for free and it was pretty good. I like the tagline as well "All of the power - none of the responsibility." And they do plan on showing how a web-slinger can get around Houstopolis.

Side note: Chris Yost was incredibly friendly, and has some kind of mutant power that made both of us (who would naturally just clench up and mutter "thanks" before exiting, stage left) able to talk to him for a little bit.

Astonishing X-Men - My Beloved used to read this during the Whedon run, and we gave it and Wolverine and the X-Men (who the folks on the War Rocket Ajax Podcast had gushed about) a try. I must confess it was the Claremont/Byrne X-Men that got me into serious comics collecting, and a part of me wants to just roll up to the counter and say "gimmie everything with an X in the title.)
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