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Game Trailers; The Kerberos Club

So I've narrowed my play-by-something-as-yet-to-be-determined game as Mutants and Masterminds 3rd (aka DC Adventures) in the Kerberos Club setting.

For those not in the know, the Kerberos Club is a Victorian steampunk super-hero setting. The Club itself is a gathering place for "the Strange" (meaning, supers) and members are obligated to fight badness. The heroes are the sample PCs from the rulebook. (A brillaint chemist transformed into a chimp by Weird Science, a guy turned to living stone by Weird Science, a little girl who made friends with the Fair Folk and they've been keeping her alive for over a century because she entertains them, and Victorian Batwoman.) The villains are The Oktobermen a super-villain team that so easily translates to the KC setting all they'd need is a change of wardrobe.

The Obscene Oath of the Oktobermen
(a tale of the Kerberos Club)

Establishing Shot: Ariel view of London. Things are not normal however. There are zeppelins a plenty floating over the town. As we fly over the city, folks who will freeze frame on the DVD will see other signs of the Strangeness – clockwork chimney sweeps, a person flying under their own power, a pack of oversized wolves running through the streets. etc. The camera closes in on the Kerberos Club itself and peers in a window as the voice over finishes.

Voice Over: It was in the year of our Lord, 1876 that London faced a Strange threat the likes of which even I, Doctor Archibald Monroe, had not encountered. And while I and my compatriots in the Kerberos Club had faced villainy both high and low, nothing could have prepared us for that awful night in October.

The camera comes in through the window of a plush study, and a young man, a reporter, is scribbling in his notebook, writing down what Doctor Monroe has to say. The young man looks up.

REPORTER: Please continue, Doctor.

Camera pans to see who the reporter is talking to. There’s a chimpanzee in formal attire, made by Brighton and Sons of Pall Mall. He removes a pair of spectacles and wipes them clean with a handkerchief.

DOCTOR MONROE: Then let us start with the first murders.

CUT TO: Exterior of a middle class home, just before dawn. A bunch of police are outside. A carriage pulls up and a heavily bundled up man (Stoney Joe) hops down with a thud that cracks cobblestones and opens the door. The man appears to be made of stone. Doctor Monroe gets out, followed by a young girl (Maeve O’Connell) dressed is mismatched clothing and a properly dressed Lady (Countess of La Lamina). The chief inspector rushes up.

INSPECTOR: We’re so glad you could come on such short notice, Doctor. But this is no place for a lady, and ‘specially not a child, beggin’ your pardon ma’am.

COUNTESS: Thank you for your kindness, Inspector. But I must insist I accompany him.

DOCTOR: It’s quite all right. She’s most assuredly capable of keeping me safe.

INSPECTOR: (missing the point) But the girl, ma’am. She can’t be more than 10.

MAEVE (protesting): I am so more than ten. I’ll be a hundert and nine come November.

The Inspector looks more boggled then before.

INSPECTOR: Now don’t be telling no fibs, little girl.

Maeve’s expression gets hard and far too scary for a little girl.

MAEVE: I do NOT tell lies.

As she does, tiny motes of light start flittering around her head. They’re little faeries and they’re not happy with the Inspector. They start buzzing angrily.

COUNTESS: Maeve, there’s no need. Apologize, Inspector.

INSPECTOR: Sorry ma’am. You, uh, look quite young for your age. My mistake.

Maeve nods like a satisfied 10 year old, and huffs off. The Countess releases her breath.

COUNTESS: Good lad.

CUT BACK to the study. Dr Monroe looks sad as he polishes his glasses.

DR MONROE: Of course, by then we were already two steps behind them.

The REPORTER: Behind who, sir?

CLOSE IN ON DR MONROE. His expression is grave.

DR MONROE: The Oktobermen, of course.


INTERIOR – EVIL OCCULTIST’S LAIR. Dr Monroe is poking at a lab table. Behind him, candle flames ignite in a skull’s eyes and it starts to levitate and float toward the oblivious Monroe. The skull seems to smile evilly.

EXTERIOR – London Alleyway. STONEY JOE SMITHSON is holding a woman against a wall. She is amused more than frightened.

STONEY JOE: Where’s Maeve?

BOOKBINDER: She’s… lost in a good book.

JOE punches the wall next to her head, his fist smashing through the wall. BOOKBINDER flinches and drops a book on the ground. It falls open to an illustration of MAEVE running through a forest – she’s wearing a red hooded cloak and an ENORMOUS wolf is chasing her.

INTERIOR – fancy dress ball. The Countess is dancing with a German man. They are looking daggers at each other, faces smiling but eyes deathly serious.

COUNTESS: You do not want to cross me, Herr Wolf. Those people are under my protection.

HEXENWULF: Those people… [His eyes flash yellow like a wolf] will taste delicious.

INTERIOR – a church at night. Dr. Monroe is holding up a test tube that glows with chemical light.

DR MONROE: What are you doing in this house of God?

A devilishly handsome man and a pale as death nun wearing a red habit instead of black emerge from the shadows.

SPRING HEELED JACK: Why my good doctor, I am going to and fro in the Earth, and going up and down in it. Sister, please restrain the ape.

SISTER SANGUINE’S eyes turn blood red. She reaches out a hand like Vader and Dr Monroe starts to cough.

EXTERIOR – a dingy alleyway, sunset. TRISTAN LESTRANGE (a ten year old boy, dressed in upper class clothes) is holding a bloody knife casually at his side. His eyes are dead, flat and utterly empty of anything resembling a conscience. MAEVE is standing, facing him from a few feet away. It’s two incredibly scary kids about to throw down. Her faeries are buzzing around her head. Her head’s got a gash on it that’s bleeding down her cheek. She’s a little scared, but standing her ground.

MAEVE: You’ve been very naughty.


MAEVE: You need to stop.


MAEVE: I don’t want to hurt you.

TRISTAN: (the corner of his mouth turns up just a hair) That’s a shame.

Sneaking up behind MAEVE is a man in a raggedy bear suit. He’s got that Axe Murderer / Jason Voorhees stance and his “paws” are made of knives.

CUT BACK to Dr Monroe and the reporter. Close up on Dr Monroe.

MONROE: And that, my good lad, was just the beginning.


The Countess dons the mask of the Night Hag.

Dr Monroe is dueling with Spring-Heeled Jack on top of a moving carriage.

Maeve points and the faeries swarm over a figure, covering them like angry bees.

Stoney Joe smashes through a wall.


The Countess, as the Night Hag, leaps out of a second story window just before the building explodes. She lands and rolls. Her cloak smoking, she stands up and sees the other three waiting for her.

MONROE: Did you HAVE to use ALL of the explosives?

COUNTESS: (coughs) Yes. Yes, I did.

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