Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

Owlcon After Action Report

First off, thanks to the Owlcon staff for a well-run con. Sorry I couldn't be around more. Secondly, beware my ever-expanding ego. I had a couple of folks say they signed up for my stuff because previous years were so awesome. Then another guy told me something to the effect of, "last year, I was looking at the program and saw your 'Crisis of Infinite Batmen' round, and I thought it was going to be awesome or horrible. Then I saw you were running it and I knew it'd be awesome."

So the premise is that all of the Justice League went up to the satellite to respond to an emergency - and then minutes later, the Satellite stopped responding. Spy satellites show the power is on and certain automatic systems are running, but nobody's home. Amanda Waller made some phone calls and assembled a team from the handful of heroes in the DC Animated Universe who aren't in the League to go up and see what happened. Specifically - Mr Miracle & Big Barda, Green Lantern (Kyle Rainer), Lobo, Captain Marvel and "Power Girl." Power Girl is Galatea (the evil clone of Supergirl), and she's had some therapy so she's not evil anymore.

Step 1 - Go to the satellite and check it out. Team One did some basic checking, discovered all the computers were wiped and traces of an interplanetary range transporter. Between Mr Miracle, GL and Lobo (who can track by smell in space), they get a destination and Boom Tube there. Team Two did a lot more checking, and even looked for any secret recording devices that Batman might have left. So I decided there was a wire spool recording device, and learned that there was some kind of virus in the systems that made up the alert, and then they got teleported out.

Step 2 - Track the beam to an asteroid field in the Vega system. In the field, they find some mining robots and a refinery robot. These are pretty wimpy, and are just there to get the gang used to what their characters can do in combat. Then navigate the asteroid field to the center, where a giant ship of Brainiac's is wafting. Between rounds 1 & 2 I decided that there had to be a reason why Brainiac can't try this again - so I decided the asteroid field was full of some kind of unstable element that can be used to power such a massive transporter beam. Then the heroes get into the ship. (Team 1 Boom Tubes in, Team 2 made themselves look like some of the refined materials that get offloaded onto the ship.)

Step 3 - First Encounter - Brainiac knew the heroes were there, and sends his first experiment to see them - An android that looks like Superman but is all yellow, like Amazo in the DCAU is. He's tough to put down.

Step 4 - Second Encounter - The gang finds the civilian crew of the satellite in matrix pods. In the middle of freeing them, more Amzzon-droids show up. These look like Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, J'onn, John Stewart and Flash. Fight fight fight. In both cases, they opened a boom tube and with Marvel and Power Girl using super speed, they free the rest of the crew.

Step 5 - Brainiac tires of this game and opens a tunnel from where they are to where he is - in the command center. Brainiac dubs himself Brainiac-2, and he's made of the same material as Amazo. He's copied the powers of the entire League, except for Dr Fate, Zatanna and Etigran, who are all in a still time trap. Brainaczo plans on adding them to his power collection.

Playtest Method of Beating Down: Combine attacks and use various combat maneuvers to set up the heavy hitters (PG and Marvel) to power attack the crap out of him. He used Martian Invisibility to hide before being beaten. Having seen that the previous droids had their template's vulnerabilities, Lobo ripped something flammable open (Lobo has a really high Technology skill - though he only uses it for blowing stuff up) which triggered J'onn's vulnerability to fire. Then they continued to beat the crap out of him.

Team One Method: The team pounds on him with individual attacks. Lobo's "Nothin's Unfraggable" power discovers the Kryptonian and Martian weaknesses. GL makes some fake Kryptonite, chucks it to Captain Marvel, who grabs Brainiaczo and holds him to let the Kryptonite do its magic. Brainiaczo uses the Atom's shrinking and flies over to the other side of the room, and returns to normal size. Meanwhile Mr Miracle and Lobo are trying to break Team Magic out of the still time field. They do so, and Mr Miracle uses that gizmo plus his Mother Box to make a time freeze gizmo and slaps it on Brainiaczo's chest. NOTE - this is the best way to actually stop Brainiac in the long run because he can't upload his consciousness to a backup robot body. Now, he probably has a body and a backup of his mind stashed somewhere so that if it's not contacted after a certain length of time, it'll wake up assuming the worst.

Team Two Method: This team was only 4 folks (no Barda or PG). Green Lantern and Captain Marvel do team attacks, while Mr Miracle busts Batman out of stasis to get the Kryptonite he keeps in his utility belt (that took a Hero Point). Batman goes to work trying to bust Zatanna and Fate out. So Brainiaczo dumps the Kryptonian powers and now "just" has the strength of Wonder Woman and the Toughness of Martian Manhunter. GL immediately switches to green flame blasts, and they pound him some more. So Brainiaczo dumps J'onn's powers too and uses the Atom's shrinking to hide. Lobo knows that shrinking doesn't do much to help against area of effect attacks, so he throws a grenade where he smells Brainiaczo to be.

In the end, the League thanks their rescuers and offers all of them membership in the League. Except Lobo, of course. Which is fine with him, as Waller paid him a fat bag of cash for the job.

Winners - Team One's Mister Miracle, for outstanding gadgetry and use of combat maneuvers to help everyone else be more awesome. Honorable mention to their Kyle Rainer, who never used the same attack twice, and came up with all sorts of cool ways to frame his blast attacks. Team Two's Lobo won, because Lobo is the Main Man.

But I think we all won. (awwwww)

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