Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

Why Don't He Write More

Well, part of it is the slow, steady decline of LJ activity in general.

Reading: Mostly comics these days. I'm back on the getting-floppy-comics bandwagon, currently reading Action, Batman, Justice League and Scarlet Spider. Overall, I'm actually reading more Marvel these days, Bendis-era Avengers trades, plus I want to dig out my copies of The Crew. Oh, and I'm reading Carrie Vaughn's After The Golden Age. I liked her Wild Cards work, as well as the Kitty Norville books. I'm pretty early into the book, which is entertaining, though One Of The Stories I'd Like To Write Someday is about the ordinary son of two Big Darn Superheroes. Lastly, I'm listening to Proven Guilty.

Gaming With Dice: Owlcon sapped all our energy, and with player absences (myself included), we only got back to our regular games last night, which I had to miss again. But I will be playing the New Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game this weekend over Skype for the Vigilance Press Podcast. I am still digesting MHR and want to see it in play. I like it quite a bit, though I want to see one of their "Event" books (even if it is Civil War, blech) to see how they intend longer games to run. The game comes with the "Breakout" mini-event (Bendis' New Avengers 1-6).

Writing: Finished "Six Guns" - a team of cyborg mercs usable in your Mutants and Masterminds game. Soon to be downloadable from Vigilance Press. And I want to write MOAR. I'm also committing gross acts of fan-fiction, inspired by the Breakout event. In my world, the New Avengers are: Cyclops (leader), Beast, Human Torch, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Wasp, and a new Nomad (revealed to be Josiah X / Justice from The Crew). In my head, Civil War will happen very differently, largely by changing the SHRA and de-douching Iron Man and Mr Fantastic. In My World, the SHRA boils down to "masked crimefighters have to register with SHIELD". No one gets drafted or thrown in the Negative Zone. Also, it's largely fought in the courts. Heck, the only Marvel character who seems to really hide his ID these days is Spider-Man anyway.

Games with Pixel: Mass Effect 3 is not installed on my computer yet, dang it. The demo is. Haven't tried multiplayer, but it was nice to see good ol' Shep kicking butt. Re-playing Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions just to jump through enough hoops to unlock all the costumes, which will be a bear.
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