Rick Jones (rickj) wrote,
Rick Jones

State Of Me

Life: Looking forward to spring break with The Boy.

Reading: Lots of audiobooks from librivox.org - it's got scads and scads of public domain stuff in audio format. Also, Tales of the Far West (as an ebook). OMG, I was only sort of paying attention to it, but now I wish I'd ponied up in the kickstarter. I knew it was a mashup of cowboys and kung fu, lightly frosted with steampunk, but I had no idea the setting was turned up to 11. Kung fu gunslingers are capable of feats that would make the folks behind The Matrix and Equilibrium drool. Can't wait to finish it.

Watching: Picked up Justice League:Doom. It was neat to see the JLU voice cast (plus Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan) back together. (Oddly, Flash was Barry Allen not Wally West, so it's not in the JLU continuity.) Some cool moments, some disappointing ones. Totally worth a rental. Not sure about full price. Also watching lots of DS9 on Netflix. The show really picked up when Worf joined the cast.

Gaming With Dice: Missed a few sessions of the Tuesday game due to real life intrusions. But I will be there playing Pathfinder tonight. And I was one of the folks on the Vigilance Press Podcast - Marvel Actual Play Demo. The new Marvel game is nifty. I like the Doom Pool / Plot Point economy a lot. Not sure what I can do with it, but I like it.

Gaming With Pixels: MASS EFFECT 3. W00t!!! Got to play a little this morning before work. Josephine Shepard (Paragon Vanguard) is kicking butt and taking names again. I had a couple of glitches - once I lost a teammate on the other side of a door that wouldn't re-open and once when I loaded up, it'd lost my characters' level and power layout. But the story is compelling, the stakes are higher than ever before and the band is getting back together (along with a couple of new faces).
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